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Sizes of Beads by Holmgaards jewelry

Length of the bracelet:

The bracelets are adjustable from about 15 to 19,5 cm.

Beads by Holmgaard - A gold bracelet with beads in multiple colors and a gold chain. Perfect for women and graduates.
Halskæde er håndlavet med fokus på at kombinere det traditionelle perlesmykke med farverige perler. Halskæden er lavet af farverige kubiske zirkonia perler samt unikke kulturferskvandsperler. Halskæden snorer sig på en stor musling.

The length of necklaces:

The necklaces are adjustable from about 45 to 49,5 cm.

Beads by Holmgaard - Two gold hoops earrings on a white plate. Lana hoops in gold with Delica seed beads in green, white and gold.

The size of the regular hoops:

The regular hoops measure a diameter of 2 cm.

Length of the chain earrings:

The length of the chain earrings is 80 mm.

Beads by Holmgaard - Trois earrings in gold with pearls. Perfect for women and graduates. Hanging chain earrings with small freshwater pearls.
Beads by Holmgaard - Two pearl earrings on a white surface. Brooke duet silver earrings with hanging beads. Hoops earrings in silver.

The size of the small hoops:

The hoops measure 11 mm in diameter.

The size of the open hoops in 925 sterling silver:

The hoops measure a diameter of 12 mm.

Beads by Holmgaard - A white cup with two pearl earrings. Earrings with freshwater pearls that hang and are made in gold.


If you want to change the length of the bracelet or necklace, you can.    


Find the desired necklace or bracelet on the website. Here you can choose gold or silver and underneath there is a text field with the title "Change the length of the necklace/bracelet (optional)". Here you can enter your desired length. Please note that an adjustable clasp that is 4.5 cm long will be added.      


Important: If you choose to change the length of the jewelry, it cannot be returned as it is personalized.

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