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About us

Welcome to Beads by Holmgaard, where our passion for jewelry creates unique and personal experiences. We were founded in 2018 by siblings Laura Høilund Holmgaard and Katrine Høilund Holmgaard in Kolding, Denmark. Our fundamental principle is transparency. From design to pricing, we want to share every aspect of our journey with you. Our dedication to honesty and fairness is not only reflected in our jewelry, but also in the way we run our business.  



We believe in making connections, both with our customers and with the stories our jewelry tells. Each piece is carefully crafted to reflect not only our creativity, but also your personal style and desires.



Customization is our specialty. We invite you to step into a world where your jewelry dreams come true. Whether it's the addition of a personal detail or the choice of colors, each piece is created with care and precision.  



Our website is not just a showcase for jewelry, but a space where you can immerse yourself in our passion and knowledge. From jewelry care tips to the background of our materials, we want to share our knowledge and create a community based on interest and passion.  



We are proud to be a part of your jewelry story. Welcome to Beads by Holmgaard, where each piece of jewelry is more than just an object - it's part of your unique journey.

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