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How to take care of your jewelry

In general

For optimal durability and longevity of your handmade pearl jewelry, there are certain activities and habits you should avoid. Always remember to remove your jewelry when washing your hands, showering, exercising, doing physical work and every night before going to bed. Also, avoid applying perfume, lotion or similar directly to your jewelry. Store jewelry separately in the jewelry box or in small laundry bags to avoid scratches.  



Be especially aware that pearls are an organic material and can be affected by liquids. Keep them away from perfume or hairspray to preserve their natural beauty. Experience long-lasting shine and elegance by following these simple care instructions for your pearl, gold and silver jewelry.

Beads by Holmgaard - Dried flowers with hanging pearl earrings. Earrings with freshwater pearls hanging and made in gold.

925 sterling silver

Silver can oxidize and should therefore be maintained regularly. The best way to keep your everyday silver jewelry looking its best is to clean it regularly with an impregnated polishing cloth. 


Gold-plated 925 sterling silver

Gold does not oxidize, but gold-plated jewelry will naturally darken slightly over time because the gilding will always be subject to greater or lesser degrees of wear. How quickly this happens depends on how much you use the jewelry, how heavy the gilding is and what you expose the jewelry to. 

Beads by Holmgaard - White bead bracelet on a green plate. Suitable for women, including confirmands. Maisy offers gold-colored bracelets with freshwater pearls.

Gold-plated or silver-plated brass

Gilding is a very thin coating and will therefore wear off over time in exposed areas that are in contact with other surfaces. 



Brass is an alloy of copper and zinc and jewelry containing copper may, on some, give off a dark shade on the skin, which will however wash off and is quite harmless. Acid, sweat, and salt promote the process.

How do I maintain and clean freshwater pearls? 

There are several ways to maintain the appearance and quality of cultured freshwater pearls

Beads by Holmgaard - A woman in a bikini is holding a coconut. She is wearing a nickel-free gold bead necklace and pendant. Perfect for confirmation or as a gift for mom.

Things to avoid

You should always remove your jewelry when washing your hands, showering, exercising, doing physical work and every night before going to bed. Avoid getting perfume, lotion or similar on your pearls. This can damage the nacre, which makes the pearl beautiful and shiny.    



Store your pearls in a cool and dry place, keep them away from direct sunlight and excessive heat. This is especially true for colored freshwater pearls as they can become discolored by the above.



If you are not going to use your freshwater pearls for a long period of time, it is also best to store them in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight and excessive heat.

How to clean your freshwater pearls safely

Clean your beads regularly with a soft, dry cloth to remove dust and dirt.

If your beads need deeper cleaning, you can clean them with warm water and a little mild soap, then rinse them thoroughly with clean water and air dry them.

It is best not to use abrasive cleaners or chemicals to clean your freshwater cultured pearls, as they can damage their surface and alter their color.


If you’re following the basic maintenance steps, you can keep your freshwater pearls looking great and shiny for years to come.

Beads by Holmgaard - Two gold earrings with water pearl pendants on a white and green flower with water drops.
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