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Beads by Holmgaard - dansk design - håndlavet smykker. Maisy ferskvandsperle halskæden.  Halskæden ligger på en blå silke baggrund.

About us

Discover the heart and soul of Beads by Holmgaard, where each piece of jewelry tells a unique story. Our journey began with a passion for creativity, love of exquisite materials and commitment to craftsmanship.  



From enchanting freshwater pearls to the magic of gemstones from European countries, our jewelry is a fusion of artistry and authenticity. Dive into our world of handcrafted elegance, where tradition meets modern jewelry and transparency meets craftsmanship.  



Explore our journey, meet the faces behind the brand and uncover the essence that underpins every aspect of Beads by Holmgaard. Join us as we celebrate the beauty of jewelry, craftsmanship and creativity. Discover our range of beaded, gold and silver jewelry and be inspired by our unique designs.

Beads by Holmgaard - dansk design - håndlavet smykker. En kvinde sidder og laver smykker. Kvinden har lyst brunt hår. man kan se hende øreringe hænge i øret, og hun har en grøn trøje på Billedet er taget oppefra. På bordet er smykkematerialer. Perlerne er i glas bøtter med låg i plastik kasser. Der er mange forskellige perler i mange forskellige farverige farver. Kvinden er i gang med at lave smykker med to smykke værktøjer i hænderne. Hun laver øreringe med små ris formet ferskvandsperler, guld Miyuki seed beads og Kubisk Zirkonia perler.


Discover our jewelry repair services where we bring new life to your valuable jewelry. Whether it's a unique Beads by Holmgaard design or jewelry from other brands, our goal is to restore your treasures. We commit to quality and competitive prices so your jewelry can continue to shine. Explore our expertise in beaded, gold and silver jewelry and give your beloved jewelry the care it deserves.

Our prices

Have you ever wondered why our jewelry is so reasonably priced? At Beads by Holmgaard, our mission is to deliver affordable, handmade elegance without compromising on quality. With prices ranging from 75 DKK to 425 DKK (10 € to 56,5 €), we have ensured that everyone can enjoy our stunning gold and silver jewelry. Explore our collection of beaded jewelry, including freshwater pearl earrings and elegant nickel-free necklaces. We strive to offer stylish and affordable options in bracelets and stud earrings in both gold and silver.

Beads by Holmgaard - A woman with Euria earrings in gold and other beaded jewelry, including a freshwater pearl necklace and hoops in gold.
Beads by Holmgaard - Saltwater pearls used for jewelry such as earrings, necklaces and bracelets - a close up of oysters with pearls.

Our pearls

Dive into a world of bead perfection at Beads by Holmgaard, where our selection of handmade jewelry focuses on quality beads. Our range includes freshwater pearls in different shapes and sizes as well as enchanting gemstones such as cubic zirconia, all carefully selected for their beauty and affordability. Explore our pearl universe, which includes elegant earrings, jewelry in gold and silver, and earrings with freshwater pearls. Our collection also includes nickel-free necklaces, gold and silver bracelets, as well as unique pearl earrings and small gold earrings.

Our metals

Dive into the artistic universe of our handmade jewelry, where exclusive designs are combined with quality metals. At Beads by Holmgaard, we carefully select our metals, including brass, stainless steel, 925 sterling silver and luxurious 18 carat gold-plated variants. Our commitment is to offer affordable and durable jewelry that complements our beautiful designs. Explore our collection that includes beaded jewelry, gold and silver jewelry and earrings with freshwater pearls.

Beads by Holmgaard - Dried flowers with hanging pearl earrings. Earrings with freshwater pearls hanging and made in gold.
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