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Experience hassle-free shipping when you order our handmade pearl jewelry online. Our collection includes pearls, gold and silver jewelry with reliable tracking for most deliveries. Please note that Postnord letters are not insured and do not have tracking. Read more about shipping costs for domestic and international delivery. Whether you're in Denmark or Europe, our dedicated team ensures your jewelry reaches you safely and quickly. Discover easy and reliable shipping with our unique pearl jewelry.

Beads by Holmgaard - dansk design - håndlavet smykker. Billedet er taget forfra, hvor der er fokus på forsendelseskassen. I låget af forsendelseskassen er Beads by Holmgaards logo trykt i guld. I forsendelseskassen er en grøn smykkerpose. Baggruden er hvid.

Return & Refund Policy

Learn about our flexible return and refund process.

Beads by Holmgaard - A green bag with a gold-colored logo inside. The jewelry bag and shipping box have the Beads by Holmgaard logo printed on them.

Shipping packaging

Explore our sustainable shipping with FSC-certified cardboard and organic cotton bags. Our jewelry, including pearls, gold and silver, is delivered with style and responsibility. We recycle packaging to minimize waste and reduce our carbon footprint. Experience sustainable luxury when you order our unique jewelry today.

Terms & Conditions

Explore our policies and guidelines to ensure a smooth shopping experience.

Beads by Holmgaard - White bead bracelet on a green plate. Suitable for women, including confirmands. Maisy offers gold-colored bracelets with freshwater pearls.
Beads by Holmgaard - A woman in a bikini is holding a coconut. She is wearing a nickel-free gold bead necklace and pendant. Perfect for confirmation or as a gift for mom.

Payment & Security

Discover how we prioritize your payment safety and security.

Jewelry care

Explore tips and tricks to maintain the shine of your handmade pearl jewelry. Discover essential jewelry care dos and don'ts to ensure long-lasting beauty. Learn how to care for different materials such as 925 sterling silver, gold-plated silver and brass and maintain their perfect condition. Delve deeper into the world of freshwater pearls and discover the best methods to protect and clean these unique gemstones. With proper care, your jewelry can remain brilliant for generations, just like the precious pearls themselves.

Beads by Holmgaard - Two gold earrings with water pearl pendants on a white and green flower with water drops.

Jewelry sizes

Beads by Holmgaard - Beautiful and elegant jewelry are earrings made of silver with freshwater pearls and glass beads set on blue silk.


Beads by Holmgaard - Gold bracelet with a gold and blue bead design. The bracelet is made with Delica seed beads in blue and gold.


Beads by Holmgaard - A white bead necklace on a blue silk. Perfect for women, confirmands and as a gift for mom.


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