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The Natascha necklace in gold and silver is a pearl necklace made with inaccurate freshwater pearls that add an element of personality. The Natascha necklace is a perfect blend of traditional pearl jewellery and modern Scandinavian colors, making it ideal for the light and colorful style of summer.

On its own, the Natascha necklace makes a super strong statement, but it also opens up creative mix-and-match possibilities. You can easily combine it with a simple chain to create your personal style.

The length of the necklace is adjustable from 45 cm to 49.5 cm. If you want a different size, please write a note under "Change the length of the necklace".

The necklace is adjustable between 45 cm and 49.5. If you would like another size please write a note in the box. 

Natascha Necklace

  • The necklace is made with a clasp of 18 carat gold- or silver-plated brass that adds not only beauty but also strength to the piece. At the end of the extension chain hangs a small pendant made of either 24 carat gold-plated brass or 925 sterling silver-plated brass.

    The Natascha necklace is adjustable between 45 cm and 49.5 cm, so it can be customized exactly to your wishes. Do you want a different length? Just leave a note in the box and we will tailor Natascha to your specific needs.

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