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Luz stud earrings in gold and silver - These small earrings are a different kind of pearl jewelry, made with cultured freshwater pearls and electroplate glass beads to create a dynamic design.

Alone, Luz gives a super strong but simple look, but if you love to mix and match, they can also be paired with Katrine duet chain earrings as they are made to fit together.

Luz Ear Studs

PriceFrom kr110.00
  • Luz stud earrings are made with care and are available in both 925 sterling silver and gold-plated 925 sterling silver. The earring itself measures a length of 13 mm, plate diameter of 4 mm, inner eye diameter of 1.5 mm, and post thickness of 1 mm. The pendant measures 10 mm in length.

    Choose between a single or a pair of Luz stud earrings.

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