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Gemma chain earrings in gold and silver combine cubic zirconia glass beads in white and beige, seed beads in gold or silver and small rice-shaped cultured peach water pearls. 

Gemma Chain Earrings

  • The earrings are designed without a clasp, so the chain can easily be pulled through the ear for a comfortable and customizable fit. With a length of 80 mm, the Gemma chain earrings hang elegantly from the ear and add a sophisticated touch to any jewelry style.

    Gemma chain earrings are available in both gold and silver. The gold version is made from 18 carat gold-plated brass. The silver version is made from 925 sterling silver.

    The Gemma chain earrings also feature a gorgeous flower pendant at the end, made from either gold-plated 925 sterling silver or pure 925 sterling silver.

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